Embracing and Encouraging the Act
of Translation as One of Creation

TRANSLATOR'S NOTE: From "Otoño" by Vicente Huidobro

_____Por los caminos
_____Viene el otoño
_____Arrancando todas las hojas.

_____Autumn has made its way
_____Down the road
_____Picking all the leaves.

__I want arrancando to be a cognate of ‘arranging;’ renderable, then, as ‘rustling’ (in the sense of hurried and indiscriminate re-arranging). The reality, though, is entirely different—arrancar ‘to pick,’ ‘to strip’—and thus, too significant a deviation from the source image.

__Given this, my choice for the image is ‘plucking,’ but this feels too close to the poultry processing industry, so I’ll abandon it in favor of either ‘stripping’ or ‘picking.’ The urgency of ‘stripping’ is nice, and in keeping with the original author’s intentions; however, the word just doesn’t seem to work correctly on its own (‘stripping the leaves’), and would require a rather bulky appendage to sound right, resulting in the unwieldy ‘stripping the leaves from the trees.’

__I’ll pick ‘picking,’ which doesn’t feel as fast as stripping, but nonetheless contains the notion of force in order to remove an object from the tree.